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Directions for Coloring Hair  (Coloring grey hair)

1.  Squeeze same amount of solution 1 and 2 into mixing bowl.

2.  Mix well until completely blended.

3.  Apply the mixed color evenly and thoroughly with tool (use a comb to apply color ).

4.  After 3 to 5 minutes, shampoo to rinse out.

 ** Caution

1.  Redness, rash or itchiness may result to anyone sensitive to coloring formulas.

2.  Anyone with  sensitivities to color should only apply to small part of hair and watch for    results  before applying to whole head of hair.

3.  If any of the above occurs, discontinue use.


Directions on How to Perm Hair 

1.  First shampoo hair and remove excess water with a towel.

2.  Apply solution 1 to hair thoroughly.

3. Wind hair carefully with rods and paper.

4.  Use two layers of rubber bands to secure rods.

5.  Wear a vinyl cap on head  for 30 minutes at room temperature.

6.  Rinse off hair with rods still in.

7.  Apply half of  solution 2  (neutralizer) thoroughly.

8.  After 7 minutes apply 2nd half of neutralizer and unwind rods after 7 minutes.

9.  Rinse hair without shampooing.  Towel dry.


** Caution

1. Keep out of reach of children. Take care not to swallow.

2.  If solution comes in  contact with eye rinse off with running water.


Direction on How to Perm Hair through  the Magic Straight method

1. Shampoo hair with a clarifying shampoo or purifying shampoo.

2.  Blow dry hair to an almost completely dry state.

3.  Apply hair with Magic Perm solution 1 and comb through leaving hair evenly fanned out.

4.  Wear a vinyl cap and wait 15-20 minutes.

5. Rinse hair without shampoo using tepid water.

6. Towel dry and use the cold air of blow dryer to dry 90% of hair.

7.  Iron hair with a flat iron (at 180 degrees ).  If ironed too slowly, damage may occur.  Take

     care not to press too hard.

8.  Apply solution 2 and wait 7-10 minutes.  Rinse. (Shampoo may be used.)

9.  Do not shampoo for two days.