Since the summer of sweat and sebum secretion of a number of seasons
If you'll make a management prevents the pores of the scalp causing trouble
If I do not make the scalp because of rough scalp
This can cause hair loss from occurring.
During the summer, the more you pay attention to the scalp.

In summer the scalp Act should be wrapped around the head in the right way to shampoo.
The scalp thoroughly moistened with warm water by hand and then shampoo
Evenly moistened enough to help the foam in my hair and scalp.
Then gently massage the scalp helps.
Thoroughly wash and scalp massage will not remain within the shampoo.

Lot going on vacation to the beach to look at the summer playing on the beach
Even with the high salinity water swimming pool and ask for hair
Through damage to the proteins of hair due to swimming pool water disinfectant
The dry hair. After the holiday season dip
It must necessarily wash my hair with clean water.

If the scalp is also a lack of water can cause dandruff and hair loss.
Drink at least eight glasses of water a day will continue to give assistance to the scalp healthy.

If long exposure to ultraviolet light during the summer is dry scalp becomes trouble
It happens. Minimize outdoor activity when exposed to ultraviolet light and so strong
When the ultraviolet rays so that the scalp with a hat or sunshade is not exposed to ultraviolet light
You should. It can clog pores if worn for a long time if you use a hat
Because often you off for being ventilation.

In summer all the more to the scalp to the law
Well-managed so tired scalp to relax me Looney ~