Likely to be exposed to ultraviolet light from a hot sun
It has shed a lot of sweat, especially in summer because of wet weather, which strive to skin care.
If you do not pay attention to a lot of pimples occur easily and sebaceous glands
It 's easy to be exposed to strong ultraviolet skin aging.
Since the summer, especially to spend more attention to skin care.

Applying sunscreen
When exposed to ultraviolet light to destroy the collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis causes of skin aging.
Particularly when exposed to ultraviolet light for a long period of time even in the worst case lead yen can you skin cancer.
Sunscreen for the summer skin care is therefore mandatory not optional.

Usually when you buy a sunscreen product SPA, are seen at the PA Index
Many outdoor activities are possible if strong sunscreen SPF level is selected, the high product and
There are many indoor activities, we recommend that you choose a superior product using the PA index.

Sufficient water supply
Drink enough water, the skin also must supply sufficient moisture.
Sounds good day to consume at least 2L of water.
A proper amount of water intake helps to keep the skin moist as well as blood circulation.
Also the essence or cream that moisturizes the skin and rub it is also important given that the water supply.

Removing the skin keratinocytes
The summer months are a lot of sweat and a lot of the Phoebe than usual secretion occurs.
Excessive secretion of sebum and become even wider pores, fine dust that penetrates into it I'd have caused skin problems.
When you exfoliate at least once a week can help prevent skin problems therefore.
I love it even more when after exfoliating the skin soothing and nutritional supplements in the pack.

We've delivered over the summer skin care expertise.
Upper skin once again be dolrineunde as much time and money goes
Look striving everyday in the summer skin care with little effort.